Real Estate June 4, 2014

Am I too young to buy a house?


Rent or Buy?


Can I Buy?





I think the biggest advancement for people my age is making the decision to buy a house instead of rent. I’m 22 years old, and the biggest question I have people my age asking me is “Can I even buy a house?” In a specific situation, one of my good friends/roommates was asking the same thing. He was on Craigslist and Zillow everyday trying to find another house to rent and came to me one night when I got home from work and asked “Do you ever have people our age buying houses?” He had been an electrician for almost 3 years and has steady work of 40 hours a week. After talking to him a little bit and figuring out his income, he contacted a loan officer who was a friend of his dad and got preapproved to buy a $165,000 house. Before that, he kept thinking he wouldn’t pre approve for much due to the fact he was still an apprentice electrician. 3 weeks later, he put an offer in on the most amazing house and is now 2 weeks away from getting the keys to it and becoming a first-time homeowner!! This house has real hardwood floors, granite/backsplash in the kitchen, nice appliances, a HUGE backyard, and a completely separate detached building in the backyard that the previous owner had converted into man-cave with a pool table (which we negotiated to stay). Ever since we got his offer accepted, I can’t tell you how many times he has said, “Dude I’m so excited to get this house.”


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The cool part for me is that I got to be apart of a huge step in his life. He was so close to taking the easy route renting and putting off the home buying process for later (which is pretty much what everyone our age does) and instead he got himself an amazing new home that he literally can’t WAIT to move into. It was an awesome thing to be apart of.