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Happy Spring!

Bring on the Sunshine!

Now that we have had a small glimpse of sun and finally a little break from the rain, some people might be thinking about outdoor activities! Luckily, our community has so many fantastic opportunities and facilities for places to go and things to do. Whether it is sports, gardens, trails, zoos or pools you can find what you’re looking for in Pierce County.

Below are a few of the things I enjoy to do around Tacoma:

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Having grown up in Tacoma, I have been here many times, and it never gets old. I love the zoo even as an adult (kind of). It is a great place for family fun! They have educational talks scheduled throughout the day where you are given the opportunity to learn about different animals, their habitats, history and all sorts of other fun facts. Depending on the type of animal you may even get to interact! For example, at the bird show the staff has trained the birds to fly over the audience giving an incredible view and experience. Another thing I love is they have peacocks in the common areas near the entrance, not enclosed in a habitat, so you are able to get as close as the peacock will let you! The variety of habitats throughout the zoo and aquarium make for a great full day of fun! For more information about the Point Defiance Zoo click here.

Also, just outside the zoo is Point Defiance Park which features beautiful landscaping, several trails and gardens as well as Owen Beach and 5 Mile Drive. These are perfect outdoor places to go as a family, with a group of friends or even on a date and at no cost aside from gas to get there and maybe some snacks for a picnic.


Down on Ruston Way, you can walk along the water, stop to eat at one of the many restaurants, rent a paddle board or kayak on a nice day, or grab a milkshake by the Les Davis Pier. Down at Point Ruston, there are restaurants, a park and a movie theater. I grew up spending much time along the waterfront because my mom worked at one of the restaurants. I still very much enjoy heading down to the water on a sunny day to go for a run, hang out on the beach or grab something to eat. Explore the details of the Ruston Way Park, Jack Hyde Park, Les Davis Pier, Marine Park, and Point Ruston along the waterfront.

Dog Park

I love taking my dog, Mya, to the dog park! It is great to let her run around, play with other dogs and chase the ball. The only one in the Tacoma area that I have been to so far is Wapato Park. There is also a fully-fenced area at Point Defiance Park and Rogers park, but I have yet to try them out. Wapato has a fenced area that separates smaller dogs from the large dogs, however smaller dogs are definitely allowed in the larger dog area if they feel comfortable. My parents have dachshunds and I know that they are definitely intimidated by big dogs, so the separated area is nice for them. Go check out the dog parks for yourself or visit the website for more information!


An activity I recently became interested in is 5K fun runs/walks. I ran my first 5K back in January and am planning on participating in another next month with my dog then attempting the Sound to Narrows 12K in June. Participating in various different fun runs and 5Ks can be a great way to stay active, get outdoors and have a blast! A few races coming up in the next couple months are the Mud Run (3/25), Opening Day (4/11), Cinco de Mayo (5/5) and Tacky Tie (6/17). If you are interested in participating or learning more click here.

For more information about other things to do in Tacoma, visit the Metro Parks page.

Get outdoors and have fun in the sun!